What Happens to Trash After It’s Tossed?

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Have you ever wondered, “Do companies that handle junk removal near me have standard practices for getting rid of my junk? What happens to my junk after JDog Junk Removal hauls it away?” There are several answers to that question, and today we’ll discuss some of the ways junk is handled. Read on to find out what we do with your junk!

JDog Junk Removal - Removing Different Kinds of Junk

On a worldwide scale, humans produce 2.6 million pounds of trash yearly! Imagine how much waste comes from our very own houses. At Jdog, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and do our best to keep as much junk as we can out of the landfills.

As we strive to be mindful of how our waste impacts our planet, we can all do our best to keep as much of the waste that we can out of the landfill. Trash can be separated into various categories like perishable and non-perishable, recyclable, biodegradable, hazardous, and more. Most paper, aluminum, cardboard, glass and numerous plastic materials can be recycled, re-used or repurposed.

Aside from recyclable waste, other types of junk might require different types of processing. For example:

Here is a more detailed description of how different types of waste might be disposed of.

Recycling Centers

As mentioned above, recycling is one of the most common and simple methods to get rid of waste. Recycling is a simple process that can be practiced from your home. Recycling centers generally process waste like plastic bottles, glass, newspapers, metal scraps, and more. These centers receive massive volumes of plastic, aluminum, and melted glass that are reused by various industries. Recycling, reusing and reselling are some of the most effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions and waste.


Our daily trash does not only contain plastic but also a substantial amount of perishable waste. This waste is generally shredded and turned into either fertilizers or energy supplies. The uneaten food at restaurants and old produce at grocery stores are sent to composting centers. The best method to dispose of food waste is by composting, which results in nutrient-rich compost that can be used to fortify gardens or soil for planting.

Energy or Waste Centers

A household can generate up to 4 pounds of trash daily. With the help of technology, waste is being converted into energy supplies. After the waste is separated, it is transferred to energy centers where the trash is incinerated and converted into energy. This method is used widely across the country.

Understanding the options for handling waste might help you as you consider hiring a junk removal company and JDog  takes great pride in the ways we reduce and dispose of waste without harming the environment.

When you throw trash away, what happens to it? Understanding the processes of recycling, composting and converting waste to energy, we understand better how we as consumers can contribute to responsible waste management practices.

Do’s of Recycling

Don'ts of Recycling: 

Don’t include any of the following in your recycling bin:


Junk Removal in Vista - Stay Clean, Stay Green

JDog Junk Removal in Vista  is passionate in what we do and  this transcends over in how we care for our environment and the ways we make a difference through eco-responsible waste management practices.  We successfully keep 60-80% of junk out of the landfill!

Our team specializes in removing different kinds of junk with the pricing dependent on the size. Because not all jobs are the same, we offer many price points to accommodate items of all kinds. Don’t hesitate to contact JDog Junk Removal in Vista when you’re searching for “junk removal near me” for a free estimate and to learn more from our friendly team members about how we put into action our commitment to eco-friendly waste disposal.

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